Complete Ability Details for Neuvillette in Genshin Impact Revealed

 Neuvillette, soon to be a prominent addition to Genshin Impact, has had details of his full ability kit exposed through recent leaks. Though he was already a familiar name among dedicated leakers, many fans were introduced to him via The Final Feast teaser, where he emerged as the Chief Justice holding the Hydro Archon in balance. Given his captivating debut, it's no stretch to suggest that Neuvillette could rise to become a fan favorite.

Yet, a character's initial buzz doesn't always translate to success if their abilities don't resonate with players. A case in point is Dehya from Genshin Impact. Despite her memorable appearance in the Sumeru Archon Quest and her magnetic aura, her abilities haven't been well-received. This has caused concern among fans that some characters from Fontaine might face similar feedback.

While verdicts are yet to be delivered for upcoming characters like Wriothesley and Navia, indications suggest that Neuvillette will boast a versatile kit integrating the new Ousia and Pneuma dynamics. These insights surfaced on the Chinese Baidu forums, and a translation was graciously provided by vivliz on Reddit for the global fans. Neuvillette's gameplay style is intriguing; he can assume both active DPS and passive Support DPS roles, resembling a Hydro counterpart to Yae Miko, particularly with his Elemental Skill offering significant advantages to teams.

The crux of Neuvillette's adaptability lies in the buffs he produces, which vary based on whether he remains on-field or off-field for more than two seconds. These buffs also influence his Ousia and Pneuma properties. His Elemental Skill draws strength from his HP, while his regular attacks are influenced by his ATK. Interestingly, when on the field, his buffs amplify the damage of his normal attacks based on his HP. This suggests players might prioritize HP-based artifacts for him.

Conversely, when positioned off-field, Neuvillette's Elemental Skill potency increases, and his Elemental Burst grants bonus damage to the active character's regular attacks. The scaling of this bonus could make him a valuable ally for characters with potent Normal Attack ratios, like Eula. While a character's full potential often hinges on their Constellations in Genshin Impact, Neuvillette's remain undisclosed. Preliminary assessments hint at a formidable character, but the efficiency of his Hydro abilities will be pivotal in determining his compatibility with popular teams such as Bloom and Hyperbloom.

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